Erica Preville, MSc, RP

Life is hard, feelings are confusing and sometimes we feel small. Sometimes we feel scared – really, really scared – which makes it hard to move forward and often makes us feel stuck in life. Life is so much more difficult when we have unaddressed mental health concerns, unfulfilling relationships, big life stressors and confusion about where to go or what to do next.

I provide therapy and counselling in Burlington and virtually to children, adults and families. My approach to psychotherapy and counselling is light-hearted, supportive and kind. I’m here to help you figure out what matters most to you and help you work towards a life that you want to achieve. I’m here to create a space where you feel your feelings, process your past and learn new skills to achieve your goals.

It would be an honour to work alongside you on your journey.

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Why Enso?

The enso is a Zen Buddhist symbol that is painted using a single circular brushstroke. This little misshapen circle symbolizes some really beautiful concepts that I endeavour to foster through the work I do with each of my clients.

The enso represents the moment when the mind is quiet so the body can create. It teaches us to accept imperfection and to be present to allow ourselves to fully experience the world that’s in front of us. When we can accept our challenges, imperfections and troubling situations, we can better understand who we are and take thoughtful risks to grow into who we want to be. With that said, the process of therapy and counselling is rarely perfect, which is in part what makes it – and the enso – so beautiful.  I can’t think of a better symbol to represent my work as your therapist!

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